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Our Results - Client Comments

Client satisfaction is very important to us. At the end of each case, we ask our clients whether they are satisfied with our services and how we can improve. (In fact, we actually use those answers to assist us to improve our service. Even after all these years we still learn important lessons from our clients.)
Here are some of the comments that we have received in recent years:


Everybody did an excellent job – Marc, Linda, Susan

You are all excellent.  Could not have been better in any way.

I am very pleased with my settlement and the speed in getting my check to me.  Thank you to Susan Tuss.

Susan was extremely courteous at all times and very helpful in trying to resolve problems with my company.  She should be commended for her tenaciousness – better yet, give her a bonus!

Susan and Marc – thank you and God bless you.

I appreciated the time and patience everyone took to answer my questions.  Also, my phone calls were always returned promptly.  Thank you.

Thank you to Marc and all in the office for being so nice to me.

Everyone was very patient and courteous.  I am very pleased and satisfied with your services.  Thank you so much.

Marc and Susan were very patient with my impatience.  Thank you very much.

Thank you for what you have done for me.  I recommend you to a lot of people.

You did better than I ever dreamed.  Thank you.

Susan did everything she could, plus more to help me.

I appreciate everything that was done in bringing my case to a satisfactory conclusion.

I thought an excellent job was done on my case.  I got more money than I expected.  I would recommend this firm.

Thank you to everyone for the help you gave me.  I was very impressed and grateful.  May God continue to bless you all.  Again, many, many thanks.


Thank you for a job well done.

Thank you for all of your help with our case.  It has taken a lot of pressure off of us.

Diane really helped me out.  I have been through a very difficult time.  She has done more than the call of duty.

Diane Costello was a great person with which to work.  I am very grateful for her assistance.

I was very satisfied with the outcome.  I appreciated everything Diane Costello did, very helpful.  Thank you.

I am very pleased.  I never felt uncomfortable or ashamed.  I felt very at home.  Your staff is very nice and very helpful. 

I was pleased with everyone involved in my case.  Thank you.

Thank you very much.  I greatly appreciate all that you did and in a timely manner.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone.

It’s really great how you made it possible to clear my credit.

We have nothing but praise for Diane.  She made the process for us an excellent experience.

I want to thank [you] not only for the quality of legal service I received, but also for being compassionate, courteous and helpful at all times.

Thank you for all your assistance.  Any concerns or questions are answered promptly.  Thank you to your entire staff.

I was very distraught at having to file bankruptcy and Diane was very reassuring and calming throughout the whole process.

Thank you very much!  This was my first legal experience. I thought it would be a difficult process, but your staff made it a breeze. 

Diane Costello is a wonderful person.  She is very helpful and understanding.  She made a difficult process very easy.  I cannot say enough about her.
God bless and keep up the good work.  All of you are wonderful. 

Over the length of this action my wife and I felt that [you] were very sensitive to our situation.  We appreciate it.

I would like to say how gracious and kind Theresa and Diane were in my time of need.  I shall always be grateful.

We were very pleased with our service and would highly recommend you to anyone.

Thank you for helping me through a difficult time.

I was met and treated with empathy and respect at a very low point in my life, thank you.

You all went beyond what I expected.  Thank you very, very much.

I would like to thank Diane for all the help she gave us and for her sensitivity.

I was scared out of my wits.  Everyone in your office made me feel at ease.   
Your employees are very, very courteous people, pleasure knowing them.

My husband and myself owe a lot more than the fee you charged us because we still have our home and we are more at ease than we have been for years.  Thanks to God and to you, we will have a home.

Elaine Gelb helped me get through that awful time.  She made it easier.  Thanks.

Thanks to Sue and Marc for the extra effort put forth helping me keep my house.

Words cannot explain how I appreciated everything you did.

All staff were kind and helpful, took the time to reassure as well as give legal advice.

Thank you for making a difficult time a little easier and less frightening for me. …Diane relieved a lot of stress in our life.  Thanks again.

Keep up the good work and Marc, you should be proud of such a fine team of workers. 

I was referred by a friend who had nothing but good things to say about your firm.  I too will be very willing to refer your firm to others as well. 


I wish to thank you for making this as painless as possible.

Thank you for all of your assistance.

Theresa could not have made what is a most uncomfortable experience for anyone more comfortable for me.  I cannot say enough for her care, comfort, and the courtesy she provided.  I thank her and Mr. Pachtman…

Thank you so much for doing all of the work.  I only had to visit your office one time and you did the rest.

Fee was very reasonable and your employees are very courteous and prompt.

Thank you for everything and I have told many friends and family members about your services.

Thank you for making a painful decision very easy to bear.

Everyone in your office is friendly, helpful and courteous.


If it wasn’t for Mr. Pachtman, I would still be waiting for money from the people that were guilty.  Thank you very much for going the extra mile.

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